Engines for Education

Engines for Education:

"the schools are a mess"

Une analyse intéressante sur ce qui ne fonctionne plus à l'école !
- Schools act as if learning can be disassociated from doing
- Schools believe they have the job of assessment as part of their natural role.
- Schools believe they have an obligation to create standard curricula
- Teachers believe they ought to tell students what they think it is important to know.
- Schools believe instruction can be independent of motivation for actual use.
- Schools believe studying is an important part of learning
- Schools believe that grading according to age group is an intrinsic part of the organization of a school
- Schools believe children will accomplish things only by having grades to strive for.
- Schools believe discipline is an inherent part of learning.
- Schools believe students have a basic interest in learning whatever it is schools decide to teach to them.

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