Transformez un tableau Google docs en lecteur de flux RSS

NewsGator Online

Détail de la Méthode :

1. Open a new spreadsheets and type the URL of any web feed in cell, say A1.

2. In cell A2, type =ImportFeed(A1, “Items Title”, FALSE, 10) – This will fill column A with the titles of the latest 10 stories in that feed.

3. In cell B2, type =ImportFeed(A1, “Items URL”, FALSE, 10) – This will fill column B with the URL (permalink) of the corresponding stories in column A.

4. In cell C2, type HyperLink(B2, A2) – This will combine the title and URL to make a clickable link that will be available when you publish the sheet as a web page.

5. Copy paste the contents of cell C2 in C3 until C11.