LittleShoot -- P2P 2.0 -- P2P File Sharing in the Browser

C'est du P2P !

Je suis vraiment impressionnée par la vitesse de recherche, de téléchargement et de publication !

Pour tous ceux qui veulent diffuser facilement et rapidement leurs contenus !

Je précise :

"Is LittleShoot legal?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is more involved. First and foremost, LittleShoot is not a tool for distributing copyrighted content. If you don't own the copyright to a file or are unsure of the copyright restrictions on a file, you shouldn't publish it, and you shouldn't download it. LittleShoot adheres to copyright law and something you may have heard of called the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act," or the "DMCA." Under the DMCA, a copyright holder can ask us to take down links to files they own the copyright to. When we receive valid takedown notices, we will remove the content in question. Also, if we see a file on the network we know our users don't own the copyright to, we'll remove it from the system as soon as we're aware of it. Finally, we just don't think that's a particularly interesting use for the technology. We see LittleShoot as a tool to give you better access to the knowledge of the world."