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C'est le genre d'articles qui me font l'effet d'une douche froide !

"Research published in 1998 showed that the brain’s hormonal response to winning a tank-battle game was equivalent in potency to an injection of amphetamines."

"“There are also opportunities for Government and the education community to work with industry to better understand the educational potential and value of games.”

"The power of games to persuade has been adopted by advertisers, who produce witty, quick-hit games either playable on a webpage or as a fast, free download. The genre has more recently been adopted by charities and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) such as UNICEF in games such as Darfur is Dying and Ayiti to explore the value of life. With inherently lower production values than fully-fledged games, such games may be a good avenue for development in formal learning".

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